About Us

For decades we have been exploring the flexibility and versatility of marine shipping containers. Not only are they sturdy and durable, but cold-rolled steel containers are an affordable alternative to traditional building materials, regarding erecting a secure structure – especially when there are time constraints.

Under Valley Containers, we have been leasing and selling storage, office, sleeper, freezer, and refrigeration containers across South Africa for almost 20 years as well as selling new and used containers to corporations and the public.

The growing market for customised, fully-fitted units drove us to expand our space solution offering – resulting in  Afritainer.

Afritainer units are similar in size to standard shipping containers and functionality but delivered to clients as flat-packed (collapsed) modules and assembled in minutes. These units are fully-fitted and finished – allowing for an instant structure, whether as accommodation, ablution unit, office, classroom, clinic, or kiosk. They are popular on construction and industrial sites or where a mobile/temporary structure is required.

Which brings us to Habitus. Another excellent service we offer our clients thanks to many years of expertise and relationships in the industry. Under the same management umbrella and from the same material as our Afritainer units, we offer clients instant accommodation, that feels like a home. You could call it a pop-up home, providing instant gratification for anyone requiring a house within a day.

We deliver your Habitus home “folded down” and fully-fitted – a DIY house-in-a-box, without any need for major construction work.

Our mission is to provide people with the space to thrive.

Our Brand Story:

The greatest things start at home and are nurtured there. It’s where people hang their hats, their hopes, their hearts. Where they find refuge, safety, shelter.

Wherever home may be, and whatever it means to different folks, it’s what happens in a home that allows us to dream, to shape our belief, our faith, and our future.

At home, we know there are no limits to what you can achieve when you have a solid foundation on which to thrive – which is why our homes are so much more than four walls. They are a shield; the space to find comfort. To locate worth and create meaning. To find yourself.

There are no limits to what you can achieve with a home that comes with so much potential already built-in.

Habitus – made to be lived in.

We Value Integrity

Four walls of a home are four walls of hope. That’s why we strive to be as upstanding as the structures we provide, in order to consistently measure up to the full scope of our responsibility.

We Value Community

Every new home lends itself to the creation and support of communities in which all of us can dream and shape our beliefs in our future, as well as in each other.

We Value Equality

Everyone deserves the right to feel more human and to feel more whole; to have access to a solid foundation on which to thrive. Our homes are made for anyone and everyone.

We Value Practicality

Our houses work hard so that people can live well. We don’t ascribe to lofty aesthetic ideals that detract from the thoughtfulness and consideration that go into each and every one of our spaces,

We Are Value-Oriented

We work together like a family, because families are a large part of who we support – whether it be today or one day in the future. And, we seek to infuse as much value as we can into everything we offer.

We Are Accountable

The power to effect change is nothing without the commitment required to do so responsibly. We hold each other accountable to be thorough in everything we do, so that everything we do is meaningful.

We Are Conscientious

If we expect our homes to be rigorous, accurate, and competent, we need to be as well. We plan ahead, mitigating risk and avoid taking chances. The stakes are too high and people’s wellbeing too important.

We Are Humane

We strive to keep people’s best interests at heart – because people are at the heart of every home. That’s why our business is designed around them, and not the just around product.

We Are Thrifty

Waste not, want not. A home is a precious resource, and we apply the same mentality to our business. We make smarter choices as opposed to taking shortcuts, after all, that’s true sustainability.

We Are Enthusiastic

We optimistically pursue the future in which we wish to exist. Just like the people we support, we’re energised to change our destiny, change the future, and feel like a successful part of this world.