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Your Habitus home is pre-fabricated and pre-fitting at the factory. When it arrives on site, it's just a matter of assembling the parts into the complete structure, including all the fittings and fixtures. The house comes complete with electrical distribution board, lights and switches, plugs, bathroom (toilet, shower, basin) and plumbing (taps and outlets).

It takes only four people to assemble the house in as little as half an hour. And final finishing is easily completed in less than a day.

We offer DIY instructions to clients, but our team of experts can take care of the assembly on delivery.

No major construction work is required. No foundation is needed. The house can rest on small, level, concrete corner blocks, which you can pour yourself.

You will need to prepare electrical and water connections, as well as sewerage lines to your units.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to assemble the complete house?

Your Habitus house arrives pre-fabricated, in a box, almost the size of a shipping container. It takes four people under an hour to assemble the house from delivery to completion. Connecting the electrical supply, plumbing, and sewerage can also be completed within a day. You can occupy your new home on the same day it arrives.

Can I assemble the house myself?

The house really arrives as a complete kit and it is easy enough to erect it yourself. We offer thorough DIY instructions. However, our team of experts can quickly assemble the house upon delivery.

What are the level corner blocks?

Level concrete blocks of 30 cm x 30 cm (15 cm deep) on each corner of the house will serve as a sufficient foundation for the house.