Habitus Foundation Requirements

Your Habitus home does not require a solid foundation – just a level area of roughly 40 m².

If a solid, concrete foundation or asphalt area is not readily available, we can position your house on 14 foundation blocks (for a standard Habitus house). These should be spaced to be exactly on the corners of the house – as per the drawing.

It is the client’s responsibility to prepare the foundation blocks, which should be dry and set by the time the house arrives
on site.

The foundation blocks should be from a standard concrete mixture and do not need to be wider than 30 cm. Are are poured relatively shallow – depending on the soil type and ground levels. It is ideal that the bottom / floor of the house does not touch the natural ground, as this would lessen the lifespan of your home.

The Habitus team will guide you exactly in the preparation of the foundation blocks.